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Delhi Weather: Rain in Delhi-NCR amid scorching heat, heat wave will blow again today; it will rain on the weekend

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Today Weather Update, Delhi Weather: The people of Delhi-NCR, who have been facing severe heat for about a week, got immediate relief from the light rain on Wednesday evening. Earlier, the maximum temperature in Mungeshpur, Delhi was recorded at 52.9 degrees. However, later the Meteorological Department said that the mercury was probably recorded so high due to some technical fault.

According to the Meteorological Department, amid the red alert, the maximum temperature of Delhi on Wednesday was recorded at 46.8 degrees, which is six degrees above normal. The minimum temperature was 29.4 degrees, which is three degrees above normal. 79 years ago on June 17, 1945, the maximum temperature was recorded at 46.7 degrees. At the same time, the maximum temperature of Noida was recorded at 48.1 degrees and Ghaziabad at 44.8 degrees.

Heat wave continued in Delhi till afternoon on Wednesday. At around five in the evening, light rain occurred in most parts of Delhi, due to which there was some relief from the heat. Delhiites got great relief from light rain. The mercury which was 46.8 degrees at noon dropped to 41.4 degrees at 5:30 pm after the rain. The maximum temperature was recorded at 34 degrees at 8:30 pm.

Heat wave will prevail on Thursday

We may have to face heat wave again on Thursday. The maximum temperature on Thursday may be 45 degrees. On the other hand, relief from heat wave is expected on Friday. There is a possibility of light rain on Friday and Saturday.

Electricity demand sets new record

The demand for electricity in Delhi has been recorded to be the highest in the history so far. At 3:36 pm, Delhi had the highest demand of 8302 MW so far, whereas before this, on May 22, the demand was 8000 MW.

Temperature reached 52.9, orders to check the machine

Delhiites were shocked when the news spread that the mercury of Mungeshpur has reached 52.9 degrees Celsius. However, the Meteorological Department suspected that there was a defect in the machine reading the mercury, orders have been given to investigate it. At the same time, Earth Sciences Minister Kiren Rijiju said that there is no possibility of the mercury reaching this level in Delhi. This will be investigated.