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Weather News: When is the monsoon arriving, the Meteorological Department has told everything

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IMD Monsoon Date Updates: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand, which are in the grip of intense heat and heat, may get relief in the next few days. Mithila region of Bihar received light rain with thunderstorm late on Thursday night. This gave relief to the people from the scorching heat.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has announced the date of arrival of monsoon for many cities of the country. Let us tell you that the southwest monsoon has knocked simultaneously in Kerala and northeastern states two days before time. The Meteorological Department said that there will be heavy rain in the Northeast in the next 4-5 days, due to which people in North-West India and Central India will get relief from the heat wave.

The normal date of arrival of monsoon in Kerala is June 1, but this time the monsoon has knocked on May 30 itself. The biggest thing is that with the entry of monsoon in a part of Kerala, the four northeastern states of Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh have also been completely covered by the monsoon. It has also reached most parts of Tripura. Usually, monsoon knocks in the Northeast a day or two after arriving in Kerala.

It will reach Karnataka-Tamil Nadu in the next 24 hours

The Meteorological Department said that there is a possibility of heavy rains in the Northeast in the next four-five days, the effect of which will also be seen in all the northwestern states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Central India and will provide relief from heatwave.

The department said that in the next twenty-four hours, the monsoon is also likely to cover some parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. On the other hand, monsoon will also cover the remaining parts of Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura in the Northeast. Apart from this, monsoon is ready to cover most parts of Lakshadweep, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

Monsoon arrived on June 8 last year

According to the data of the Meteorological Department, it is normal for monsoon to arrive in Kerala sometimes early and sometimes late. Last year, monsoon reached Kerala on June 8. At the same time, in 2022, it reached on 29 May itself. In the year 2021, it arrived on June 3. By the way, if we look at the records so far, in 1918, the monsoon knocked on Kerala at the earliest on May 11, but in 1972 it entered late on June 18.

How much impact on rain

Weather experts say that the early or late arrival of monsoon in Kerala does not make any difference to the total rainfall in the country. It also does not mean that if the monsoon has arrived there early, it will reach other places early too. It all depends on the weather conditions ahead. Let us tell you, the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of 106 percent of normal rainfall this time. During June-September, the normal rainfall in the four months of monsoon is 87 cm. If the department's assessment turns out to be correct, then this time it will be six percent more.

Dates of arrival of monsoon in the cities of the country:

  • Kerala 30 May
  • Chennai 4 June
  • Mumbai 11 June
  • Raipur 16 June
  • Jamshedpur 14 June
  • Aizawl 05 June
  • Varanasi 20 June
  • Gaya 16 June
  • Ajmer 01 July
  • Lucknow 23 June
  • Azamgarh 20 June
  • Chhapra 18 June
  • Agra 30 June
  • Delhi 27 June
  • Bhiwani 03 July
  • Pithoragarh 20 June
  • Chandigarh 26 June
  • Ladakh 23 June